Our Mission

The mission of the First Presbyterian Church is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ as we strive to be a nurturing and faithful community of believers; informed by tradition and open to God’s Spirit as we serve Beaver Falls and surrounding area, and the world, in faith, hope, and love.

The following is an expansion of mission statement above.

Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ

We understand this gospel as freedom from sin.  Jesus died for us, loves us, heals us and redeems us.  We are brought into His kingdom and given the privilege to act as Jesus Christ in the World.  This implies an emphasis on Christ centered living.  Christ is lord overall of creation, and nothing or no one is beyond his reach.  We proclaim the gospel specifically by teaching and preaching to believers and non-believers alike.  We live this proclamation by not only preaching from the pulpit, but in how we strive take care of each other through action and deed.

As we strive to be a nurturing and faithful community of believers;

We understand nurturing as helping each other with our struggles, loving one another in our differences, and caring about the welfare and spiritual growth of our members. We strive to be faithful by being true to the scriptures as we corporately understand them, striving to listen to the holy spirit, and acting in a way that people see our Christianity in our actions.  We also understand that we are a local body that is connected to the larger “church”. We share Jesus as our common bond, and as such we strive to support people in our congregation outside of our own immediate groups.

Informed by tradition and open to God’s Spirit

We are a congregation rooted in a rich tradition of worship and church life.  We rely on that tradition to give us a mooring that informs what to do, and how to act.  We also, want to be open to God’s spirit to lead us in ways that meet the challenges of being a church in the life and times we find ourselves.  We are open to God leading us in new directions.

As we serve Beaver Falls and surrounding area, and the World

Our mission work is both local and global.  We want to be a place that reaches out to those that are in need.  We feed people through our soup kitchen.  We offer our building for usage in the community (Head Start, Adult literacy etc.)  We are learning to partner with community groups to minister and serve as a church in a struggling mill town (Spaces-In-Between).  We extend beyond our local reach by supporting global missionaries and support national disaster relief efforts.

In faith, hope, and love.

As Paul exhorts the church in Corinth, we endeavor to be a church marked by the eternal gifts of the spirit that will not fade — faith, hope, and love.