Thank You

Apr 24 2022

In her last sermon at First Presbyterian Church, Pastor Emily reminds us, using the words of the Apostle Paul, that we need to join together to worship God and share the gospel. It’s all about partnership! Blessings to all who …

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Jesus Is The Question – Resurrected Life

Apr 17 2022

In this Easter message, Pastor Emily reminds us that we too can get out of the tomb and through Jesus can beat sin and death. He is risen! He is risen indeed.

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Jesus is the Question – Jesus’ Identity

Apr 10 2022

On this Palm Sunday we ask about Jesus’ identity as he rides into Jerusalem. Our questions of the day about Jesus are, “Who do the people say that I am?”; and the very personal question, “Who do YOU say that …

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Jesus is the Question – Worry

Apr 03 2022

In this continuing Lenten sermon series Pastor Emily talks about the stress in our lives, something we all have. Jesus tells us that God will take care of us, and this is clear when we hear the comforting words of …

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Jesus is the Question – Faith and Doubt

Mar 27 2022

In our continuing sermon series on Jesus is the question, we come to the question Jesus asks of us all: “You of little faith, why do you doubt?” Doubt is a natural part of our faith journey and we need …

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Jesus Is The Question – Compassion

Mar 20 2022

  We continue with the sermon series regarding the questions Jesus asked during his ministry. At the home of Simon the Pharisee, we see Jesus ask, “Do you see this woman?”  Jesus is asking Simon, and us, to see with …

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Jesus is the Question – Identity

Mar 13 2022

In this second week of the Lenten sermon series Jesus is the Question, Pastor emily explores the question of identity. The scriptures tell us that our identity is children of God. We are first and foremost beloved children, made possible …

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Jesus Is The Question – Longing

Mar 06 2022

In this Lenten sermon series, Pastor Emily discusses the questions Jesus asks of us. These are probing questions asking us to define ourselves and whether we will follow and become Jesus’ disciples. The first question is, what are you looking …

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It’s Worth The Climb

Feb 27 2022

  Greetings friends of First Presbyterian Church! Join us as we celebrate Transfiguration Sunday and the moment when Jesus sparkled on the mountaintop with his friends. Many thanks to Sarah York and Bill Wessel for sharing their musical talents.

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Us versus Them

Feb 20 2022

Today we finish discussing the Sermon on the Plain. We hear Jesus teach us to love our enemies – a hard lesson to be sure but one we need to follow to be his disciples!

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